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Our Mission

At the University of Oklahoma’s Natural Products Discovery group, we use a variety of chemical and molecular research methods for converting nature’s chemical bounty into compounds that can improve people’s lives. Our group works in collaboration with other researchers affiliated with the University of Oklahoma’s Institute for Natural Products Applications and Research Technologies to move compounds into preclinical development. In the course of this process, we provide essential training for students and researchers interested in pursuing careers in the field of drug development.

Drug Discovery

Pharmaceuticals have played an important role shaping the length and quality of every human life. In response to the need for new and better medicines, our group is committed to finding unique compounds made by nature (called natural products or secondary metabolites) that have the capacity to combat human diseases. We are especially interested in the discovery of natural products that have applications for treating infections and cancers.

Chemistry Inspired by Nature

Microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria are found far-and-wide across the planet. They inhabit soils, plants, insects, animals, and virtually every inhabitable surface in the biosphere. Our group focuses on translating the biological richness of these microorganisms, as well as plants, into opportunities for obtaining new bioactive compounds. The capacity for nature to generate chemically novel and medically useful compounds is virtually limitless.